Obama Heads to India, Viciously Bad-Mouths Trump in Front of the World (Details)

Former Embarassment-in-Chief Barack Obama has to be salty. After all, the blame for losing nearly 1,000 Democrat seats over his eight years resides directly on his shoulders, and members of his own party have recently thrown him under the bus. Now, 44 heads to India to speak down about President Trump.

From Downtrend:


Obama’s legacy as president was almost entirely based on the sometimes illegal executive orders he issued. He had to know that Donald Trump was going to come in and erase the sad level of achievement and that’s precisely what has happened. It has to be disappointing for Obama to realize the only thing he will be remembered for is the color of his skin and that bitterness is showing. At a speech in India he repeatedly shit-talked his replacement, showing what his wife meant when she said, “When they go low, we go high.”


When former President Barack Obama spoke to a leadership forum in India’s capital on Friday, he never once used the words “Donald Trump” and was careful to avoid any direct reference to his successor in the White House.

Actually that’s not true, Obama directly referenced Trump many times. Here he’s trying to rub it in that he has more Twitter followers than Trump:

“And look, I’ve got 100 million Twitter followers. I actually have more than other people who use it more often,” said Obama, followed by, “Think before you tweet.”

More from AP News:

Former President Barack Obama: ‘Think before you tweet’

Obama said he uses spellcheck and punctuation.

“Which my daughters think is odd. They were explaining to us how if you put a period at the end of a sentence it sounds harsh. I said, ‘No, that’s English. That’s how you know the thought is finished.’”

He said he sees people getting in trouble for their tweets, and says they should follow the old advice of thinking before you speak: “Think before you tweet,” Obama said. “Same principle.”


Obama was asked who reflected the real America, Donald Duck or Donald Trump?

Obama didn’t answer directly. He said Americans could often be kind and noble, and at other times cruel and shortsighted.

“It is just this cacophony of life. And it throws up all kinds of variety,” he said. “And there are political trends in America that I don’t agree with or abide by, but I recognize as part of a running thread in American life.”

He said he took heart from the fact that the trend lines of America and the world were heading in the right direction when it came to inclusion, health, education, equality and kindness.

Obama needs to go away for the betterment of the nation. He did nothing to help Americans during his two terms, and now he looks like a bigger joke than ever before – if that’s possible!

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