Obama Refuses to Leave, Blasts Trump’s Tweeting in Interview with Prince Harry [WATCH]

Barack Obama just can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight, constantly blasting President Trump at every turn.

Recently, 44 sat down with Britain’s Prince Harry where he proceeded to jab 45 for his tweeting.

From Fox News:

On Sunday December 17, Prince Harry invited former President Barack Obama to be interviewed for BBC Radio 4 as part of his guest editorship. While the bulk of the interview involved talk of world leadership roles in the modern age of digital technology, mention of the royal wedding guest list did come up.

From Daily Wire:

The ex-president also appeared to lodge a veiled attack against Mr Trump during the interview as he warned against ‘irresponsible’ use of social media to spread misinformation.”

Asked about fake news, Mr Obama said those in power should take caution when posting messages which could distort people’s understanding of issues and current affairs.

He did not mention Mr Trump, who is a keen Twitter user, by name.


Go away, Barry.

Your 15 minutes are up!

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