One Brilliant Cartoon Sums Up Hilarious Evolution of Liberals Over Past 18 Years

Liberals seem to constantly ‘evolve.’ On every issue. All the time. Facts be damned. This one perfect cartoon sums up progressives over the past 18 years…

From Federalist Papers:

In an interview with Chris Smith of New York Magazine, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said “a really, really powerful government” is the answer to income equality, and private property is the problem.

“In 2013, you ran on reducing income inequality,” Smith said in his interview. “Where has it been hardest to make progress? Wages, housing, schools?”

Notice how light-handed the question is. In 2013, New Yorkers elected de Blasio to fix income inequality. The appropriate questions here would be “Have you fixed it?” and “Why not?”

The unsaid answer here is “No, I haven’t reduced income inequality,” but de Blasio has plenty to say about why.

More, via America Rising Pac:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has long been associated with the most extreme left-wing elements of the Democratic Party. Now he’s going even further. In an interview with New York Magazine, Mayor de Blasio channeled Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro in his comments about private property. Answering a question on income inequality, Mayor de Blasio turned his attention to the ills of private property:

[…] Elsewhere in the interview, Mayor de Blasio dodged four times on whether he’d support Governor Cuomo against a liberal primary challenge next year:

Are you open to supporting a progressive challenge to the governor next year?

I’m talking about this year.

Are you open to it?

I’m talking about this year. I’m in a mayoral election this year. That’s what we’re talking about.

De Blasio is the worst, but that cartoon was spot on? Agreed?

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