Papa John’s CEO Just UNLOADED on the NFL, Sends Kneelers a Message They Won’t Forget

Papa John’s CEO, John Schnatter (the man you see in all their commercials), has had enough with disrespectful NFL anthem kneelers. Because of ‘negative consumer sentiment,’ the pizza chain has decided to pull NFL-associated ads.

From Bleacher Report:

Papa John’s Pulls NFL-Associated Ads Citing ‘Negative Consumer Sentiment’

Pizza chain Papa John’s announced Wednesday that it is pulling its advertising associated with the NFL, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Per Jonathan Maze of Nation’s Restaurant News, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter said sales are down due to “negative consumer sentiment” regarding the company’s relationship with the NFL.

Schnatter also called the NFL “an example of poor leadership,” according to Maze.

A constant topic of discussion during the 2017 NFL season has been players’ decision to protest during the national anthem.

While the trend was started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last season, it has continued in 2017, especially since critical comments were made by President Donald Trump.

And the first domino falls. If Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to refuse to enforce the league’s national anthem rules, more advertising money will be pulled – meaning less cash for players.

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