Pelosi Confirms America’s Worst Fear, ‘Fully Intends’ to Pass Amnesty by End of Yr

California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is no friend to Americans. Rather, her goal is to provide lawbreakers with amnesty. By the end of this year, she ‘fully intends’ to give DREAMers a pass.

From Daily Caller:

Pelosi said, “…I fully intend that we will not leave here without the DREAM Act passing, with a DACA fix. And I’ve made that very clear. This, this, this–I won’t go into the mistake the president made, what a disservice, a slap in the face to the Dreamers, that the president gave.”

She continued, “But I think the president does respect, I think President Trump does respect the fact that the Dreamers have the support of over 80% of the American people and that’s why he would be interested in getting something done.”

Former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile has some strong words for Pelosi and top Dems, per Washington Examiner:

Donna Brazile took a subtle swipe at California’s most prominent Democratic lawmakers during an event in San Francisco on Thursday.

Following her bombshell allegations and insights in a new memoir concerning the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic primary during the 2016 campaign, Brazile said new faces would do the party good.

“I don’t want the Dianne Feinsteins and the Nancy Pelosis of the world to leave the room, I want them to just scoot over, make room,” Brazile said, according to quotes tweeted by Casey Tolan, who writes for the Bay Area News Group.

Fienstein is a senator while Pelosi is the House minority leader and leading Democratic fundraiser.

Critiquing both major political parties, Brazile said they are “becoming less and less relevant … they have become ATM’s now for special interests, and I am bothered by that.”

More, from The Atlantic:

For the last 14 years, the one constant at the highest level of Democratic politics has been Nancy Pelosi.

When she became the party’s leader in the U.S. House in 2002, Barack Obama was still a state senator in Illinois. She has commanded the Democratic caucus through both of Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeats, and she has served as leader two years longer than her Senate counterpart, Harry Reid, who is retiring in January.

Pelosi brought Democrats back from the political wilderness once, in 2006, and now a decade later, the 76-year-old California powerbroker is bidding to do it again. Clinton’s loss means that the former speaker retains a distinction she desperately wanted to relinquish—the woman who has risen higher in elected office than any other in American history.

Right now, the Democrat Party has no message. New blood is necessary, while amnesty doesn’t help the middle class one bit.

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