Pence Brings CPAC to Its Feet: ‘Make No Mistake, We’re Going To Build That Wall’

Vice President Mike Pence took to the CPAC stage in Maryland on Thursday morning and highlighted all the great things the Trump administration has accomplished, thus far.

Something that brought the crowd to its feet was when Pence said: “Make no mistake, we’re going to build that wall!”

From Daily Caller:

Vice President Mike Pence vowed in a speech before the conservative political action conference that a wall would be built along the US-Mexico border in the coming years of the Trump administration.

“President Trump promised to enforce our laws, secure our borders, and today illegal crossings at our southern border have been cut nearly in half and make no mistake about it, we’re going to build that wall,” Pence declared to loud chants of “build that wall” from the audience.

Fox News Insider has more:

He said the president “came through” by appointing strong conservatives to the federal courts and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Pence said the White House is committed to the safety of American schools as its “top national priority” and that “strong action” will be taken to keep schools safe after the Feb. 14 massacre in Parkland, Florida.

“We pray for God’s wisdom that all of us in positions of authority might find a way to come together with American solutions to confront and end this evil in our time,” he said.

Let’s get it done, Mr. VP.

Now more than ever Americans just want to feel safe in their own country!

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