Pence Finds Perfect Way to Get Payback After Mila Kunis Donates to Abortion Mill In His Name

Actress Mila Kunis made a complete fool of herself recently by saying she donates monthly to abortion mill Planned Parenthood in VP Mike Pence’s name. Now, Pence just got payback in the best way imaginable.

From Fox News:

Mila Kunis’ recent political stunt may have backfired for one of America’s most recognizable bourbon brands.

The actress, who is a spokesperson for Jim Beam, recently revealed she’s been sending monthly donations to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence’s name.

Both Pence supporters and pro-life activists immediately took to Twitter Monday and launched a #BoycottBeam campaign. Many called for the brand to end its association with Kunis.

Now, a pro-life organization is taking donations in Pence’s name. He took notice…

More on Planned Parenthood, which covers up child rape – from Daily Caller:

Planned Parenthood staff allegedly failed to report child sexual abuse in seven states, according to a list of court cases compiled by Christian non-profit Alliance Defending Freedom.

In addition to Planned Parenthood’s recently reported failure to report multiple rapes of a 14-year-old mother of two recently in Alabama, ADF found instances of failure to report rape or sexual abuse in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota and Ohio.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia have mandatory reporting laws regarding suspected sexual abuse that typically includes statutory rape.

Planned Parenthood was sued directly for failing to report sexual abuse or to notify parents of minors seeking abortions in some of the cases compiled by ADF, and in others Planned Parenthood’s failure to report sexual abuse became evident in a criminal case.

Pence for the win? Easily.


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