‘People are Taking Advantage!’ Trump’s Next Focus – Overhauling Bloated Welfare System

President Donald Trump has already done a number of awesome things to make America great again. He now says his next major focus will be stifling the country’s bloated federal welfare system.

From AP News:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Overhauling welfare was one of the defining goals of Bill Clinton’s presidency, starting with a campaign promise to “end welfare as we know it,” continuing with a bitter policy fight and producing change that remains hotly debated 20 years later.

Now, President Donald Trump wants to put his stamp on the welfare system, apparently in favor of a more restrictive policy. He says “people are taking advantage of the system.”

Trump, who has been signaling interest in the issue for some time, said this past week that he wants to tackle the issue after the tax overhaul he is seeking by the end of the year. He said changes were “desperately needed in our country” and that his administration would soon offer plans.

For now, the president has not offered details. Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said more specifics were likely early next year. But the groundwork has already begun at the White House and Trump has made his interest known to Republican lawmakers.

Paul Winfree, director of budget policy and deputy director of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council, told a recent gathering at the conservative Heritage Foundation that he and another staffer had been charged with “working on a major welfare reform proposal.” He said they have drafted an executive order on the topic that would outline administration principles and direct agencies to come up with recommendations.

More, via Federalist Papers:

Obama opened the floodgates by letting states waive work requirements at the beginning of his presidency, doubling the food stamp rolls. Yet the simple act of requiring people to take a measure of responsibility for their own fortunes was enough to start reversing eight years of acclimation to government dependence and atrophied work ethics in a matter of months.

In that report, I mentioned that congressional Republicans Mike Lee and Jim Jordan had proposed legislation to require able-bodied and childless adults to participate in “work activation” programs if they want food stamps, which would also be subject to a new time limit. That sounds like a great start to President Trump’s latest initiative; what other ideas do you think he should consider? Sound off below!

Let’s get it done, Mr. President!

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