PIGS FLY: Joy Behar Gives Trump Credit on North Korea In Must See Video

Something is wrong with Democrats if Joy Behar, one of multiple far-left co-hosts of The View, is crediting President Trump for his dealings with North Korea.

This is MUST SEE!

From Fox News Insider:

In his Video of the Day segment, Sean Hannity played a clip from Thursday’s episode of “The View” wherein frequent Trump critic Joy Behar took the unusual step of giving the president credit for a political decision.

After Trump’s negotiations with North Korea yielded the release of three Americans held hostage in the Hermit Kingdom, Behar reacted on her program.

“Good for him,” she said. “If it works, we’re happy for him.”

More from Mediaite:

Sara Haines said she at least hopes the big talk paid off for Trump because she doesn’t want him to be emboldened by “false confidence” in future diplomatic negotiations. While Behar isn’t so sure Trump’s rhetoric will solve anything with Iran, Meghan McCain pointed out that the developments in North Korea were “unprecedented” and made her feel hopeful about the whole situation.

Sunny Hostin agreed with McCain that it remains to be seen whether diplomacy will lead to any progress on North Korea’s regular human rights violations, but they agreed things are on the right track.

WOW! Behar is right for a change.

How does it feel, Joy? Something you think you could get used to?

We won’t hold our breath.

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