Plan To Split California Into 3 States Clears MAJOR Hurdle, Could Become Reality [Details]

California is America’s first “sanctuary state.” Progressive Democrats have turned the paradise into a cesspool. Now, a major hurdle has been cleared in splitting the Golden State into three separate states. No joke.

From WKRG:

Proposal To Divide California Into Three States Advances

SACRAMENTO, California (KSEE) – A plan to split California into three separate states has cleared its first hurdle. Supporters are now set to begin collecting signatures to qualify for next year’s ballot.

The plan is being funded by tech billionaire Tim Draper, who previously funded a similar proposal back in 2014 to divide the state up into six sections. That plan failed, but Draper is trying again, saying that the political and economic diversity of California has made the state almost ungovernable.

His new plan calls for dividing the state into “Northern California”, which would represent the northern counties, “Southern California” which would begin in Fresno and cover most of the southern state, and a “New California” which would begin in Los Angeles county and cover most of the coastal areas.

But many opponents say the plan would only create chaos.

WOW. Ultimately, even if residents vote to split up California Congress will get the final say.

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