Pro-LGBT Chelsea Handler Directs Homophobic Slur at GOP Senator, Says He Should Come Out of the Closet

Comedian Chelsea Handler is likely to get a pass from liberals and the far left mainstream media after directing a homophobic slur at Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC).

This is disturbing.

WARNING*** Strong Language

From Daily Caller:

Comedian Chelsea Handler went after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Wednesday, alleging that the Republican is secretly gay and is being blackmailed by President Trump.

Handler’s homophobic remarks were triggered by Graham’s comments during a televised meeting on Tuesday between Trump and a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss legislation for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Handler, who claims to be a champion of LGBT rights, suggested that Trump has compromising information on Graham.

More from Free Beacon:

Graham has never married and has no children. He was one of Trump’s sharpest critics during his bid for the presidency, calling him a xenophobe and a bigot, but he said this week Trump has done good things in the White House.

Graham has long denied being a gay man.

Why would Handler bring up something like this?

Is it because she’s reacting on pure emotion and has no other material?

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