Rand Paul Will Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to Block Trump’s State & CIA Nominees

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is about to do something very dumb.

He will do everything in his power to prevent CIA Director Mike Pompeo from becoming secretary of state and Gina Haspel from becoming CIA director.

Both Pompeo and Haspel are President Trump’s preferred choices.

From BizPac Review:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul says he will do “whatever it takes” to block President Donald Trump’s nominees for Secretary of State and director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

“I’ll do whatever it takes, and that includes filibuster” to block CIA director Mike Pompeo’s nomination as secretary of state, and Gina Haspel’s nomination to lead the CIA, Paul said in an interview with CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper.

“I will try to make a point to the American people.” A filibuster would not actually block either of the two nominees if the majority of senators agree on their nominations, Paul said, but he hopes to be able to make a case, particularly on the nomination of Haspel.


Also on CNN, fellow Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that Paul’s opposition makes him “an outlier” within the Republican Party.

Pompeo and Haspel are both qualified and should be confirmed, Graham said.

Still, Haspel, 61, who’s currently Deputy Director of the CIA, will need to acknowledge that waterboarding is no longer allowed by federal law, Graham said.

Paul is fighting a battle he won’t win.

He has his principles, but this isn’t the right fight.

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