Rapper Destroys Gun Control Narrative, Says It’ll Be Easier for ‘Gov’t to Enslave’

It doesn’t get more simple than this.

As rapper T.I. explains, it’s easier “for the government to enslave people when they don’t have the right to bear arms.”


From Daily Caller:

Atlanta-based rapper T.I. believes that the gun debate following the recent school shooting is “a tough one,” but he still believes the Second Amendment needs to be protected to maintain American citizens’ way of life.

“It’s a tough one,” the 37-year-old rapper told TMZ. “I think you should probably make it more difficult for people who aren’t mentally stable to have guns, and maybe there should be some … I just honestly feel like if you lose the right to bear arms as a citizen, then you know what I’m saying, it’s easy to enslave. It’s easy for the government to enslave people when they don’t have the right to bear arms.”

More from Billboard:

Later, he mentions how an extensive background check should be done on not only felons, but those who aren’t mentally stable enough to purchase guns. “I think mental stabilization needs to be a big part… Just not being a felon isn’t enough. We see that, that isn’t working. People think that the felons that’s causing all the problems, but you know, it seems as though people who have been given a gun license, who bought guns legally… Those are the ones causing all the mass hysteria, so I think that our system’s broken.”

Back in 2007, T.I. was sentenced to house arrest after being charged with possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

T.I. might not be perfect, but who is?

At least he knows the value of the Second Amendment!

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