‘RED LINE!’ Obama AG Eric Holder Threatens Trump for Second Time in a Week

On December 14, former Attorney General Eric Holder warned President Trump not to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is searching for Trump/Russia “collusion” in what most people consider a partisan manner:

Now, Holder has fired off a second warning to Trump in less than a week:

From Washington Examiner:

The tweet comes a day after the Trump campaign sought to discredit Mueller’s investigation by sending a letter to Congress alleging members of the transition team’s Fourth Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure had been violated.

The special counsel’s office obtained tens of thousands of emails from the Trump transition team through the General Services Administration. The Trump campaign argued the government is not the rightful owner of the emails, instead the holders of the accounts are the owners.

The special counsel’s office argued it went through the proper channels to obtain the emails, likely asking the GSA to turn over the documents.

More from Newsweek:

Holder joins a chorus of calls for impeachment if Trump acts to impede Mueller’s investigation in any substantial way before the holidays.

On Friday, Rep. Jackie Spier—one of the first to spill the “rumor on the Hill”—said that should Trump go through with the unconfirmed rumor, Spier said an attempt to impeach him would be forthcoming.

Who does Holder think he is?

He abused his power in Washington for far too long under the most corrupt president America has seen in decades!

He needs to shut it – quickly!

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