REPORT: Bernie Sanders Colluded with Foreign Gov’t During Campaign, MSM Silent

The left and the MSM are still looking for collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, yet have not found any solid evidence.

However, it is now being reported former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders colluded with a foreign government – and the media is dead silent.

Talk about a double standard.

From Downtrend:

After a year and a half of hearing about how Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the presidential election away from Hillary Clinton without a shred of proof, there is finally some concrete evidence that a presidential candidate did collude with a foreign government. Unfortunately for the hysterical left, it’s not Trump but rather Bernie Sanders. Yup the socialist kook who has accused President Trump of collusion was actually just fined by the FEC for illegally receive aid from a foreign government.

In a recently filled Federal Election Commission report, we learn that in 2015 Sanders’ campaign was approached by the Australian Labor Party about sending some volunteers to help Bernie’s bid for president. Of course Bernie said yes, because he’s a socialist and who is more socialist than people from anything called the labor party?

Where Sanders ran onto trouble is that the Aussie LP paid for the volunteers to fly to America and gave them a stipend to live on. I know that socialists like Sanders don’t understand how money works, but it’s actually against the law for a presidential candidate to accept cash from a foreign government. With the Australian volunteers being financed by the Australian Labor Party, it’s the same thing as Bernie taking in big sacks of money from faction of the Australian government.

Washington Examiner has more:

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign must pay a $14,500 fine for illegally receiving foreign contributions after it accepted assistance from a group of Australian campaign volunteers that were backed by the Australian Labor Party.

“During the course of the campaign thousands and thousands of young people from every state and many other countries volunteered,” Sanders political team said in a statement to local television station WMUR. “Among them were seven Australian young people who were receiving a modest stipend and airfare from the Australian Labor Party so they could learn about American politics.”

When the media does their job properly they will once again be trusted.

Don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

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