REPORT: ‘Friends’ Reruns on Netflix Triggers Millennials – This is Hilarious! (Details)

This story about the highly popular TV show “Friends” should make everyone laugh.

Apparently, far left millennials are being triggered for reasons they made up in their heads in order to justify being proud social justice warriors.

From Truth Revolt:

Outlets like the Independent, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and others, picked up on the dismay of millennials they say are “shocked by storylines,” upset by the show “chucking offensive and inappropriate hand grenades all over every episode,” while leaving them “f***ing infuriated” after a binge. Apparently, there’s too many “homophobic and transphobic” jokes for these social justice viewers. And let’s not forget all of the “white privilege.”

“I have binge-watched Friends,” Lauren Smith wrote at Thought Catalog. “I feel flooded with guilt afterwards… every episode leaves me cringing… blatant misogyny, homophobia, body-shaming, and — despite being set in the most racially diverse city in the world — the whitest cast you’ve ever seen.”

National Review has more:

Friends is homophobic, or transphobic. The word “transphobic” barely existed in the 1990s because everyone thought transvestites were hilarious, including the transvestites themselves, who embraced the term “drag queen.” The word “transgender” was barely used either, and the storyline about Chandler’s dad was about the son’s growing acceptance. If you can’t see the humor in the situation, you wouldn’t make much of a comedy writer. As for the “homophobia,” the show’s co-creator David Crane, who wrote many episodes, is gay. Did he hate himself? Did he employ writers who hated him? It’s okay to make fun of your own tribe, but anyway what Friends did was find comedy in all the discomfort with homosexuality, just as black comics mine racism for comedy. The show won a GLAAD Media Award in 1996 for the way it handled the lesbian affair of Ross’s (David Schwimmer’s) ex-wife. The (over)use of gay-panic jokes involving Chandler and Joey may be hackery, but it isn’t hateful.

Monica was fat-shamed. Please. Courteney Cox in a fat suit is comedy gold. And Monica’s battle with her weight led to the single best joke in the history of Friends, when everyone looked at a prom video of Monica. “The camera adds ten pounds!” she said. Replied Chandler, “So how many cameras were actually on you?”

What are the odds Netflix caves and removes “Friends?”

Good? Great? Inevitable?

What a joke!

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