REPORT: Obama AG Loretta Lynch Allowed Russian Agent Into US to Spy on Trump

Very few people from the Obama administration were stand-up citizens. You wouldn’t trust most of them as far as you could throw them. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was as bad as they come. Now, Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert drops a disturbing allegation as to why Lynch allowed a Russian agent into the U.S.

Gateway Pundit has the scoop:

Tonight Louie Gohmert told Lou Dobbs the Obama DOJ helped set up the meeting with Trump Jr. in order to investigate the Trump Campaign.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert: Don’t forget Loretta Lynch is the one who had to specially approve the Russian agent coming into this country when she didn’t have a visa so she could have a meeting with Donald Trump Jr., setting him up! So they could then say oh look Donald Trump Jr. is meeting with this Russian agent so now we need warrants to wiretap these people.

More on Lynch, who has refused to discuss her imfanous tarmac meet-up with former President Bill Clinton prior to the 2016 general election, from Washington Times:

Former President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch met behind closed doors with a congressional Russian election meddling probe on Friday.

Republicans were eager to question her about an infamous tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton in June 2016, a meeting which has triggered suspicions about the Obama Department of Justice’s impartiality toward Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton at the height of the election.

But Mrs. Lynch refused to discuss the meeting before the House Intelligence Committee on Friday, according to Fox News.

Mrs. Lynch has been accused of attempting to influence the FBI’s investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s private email use while secretary of state — and both she and Mr. Clinton say the meeting at the Phoenix airport was a chance social encounter.

Well, at least we can all be thankful the Obama agenda was defeated last November.

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