Retiring RINO Jeff Flake Compares Trump to Mass Murderer Josef Stalin (Details)

It’s great news for America that RINO Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) is retiring after just one term.

The sad part? He’d probably have a decent chance at re-election if he ran as a Democrat.

Check out Flake’s latest dig at 45, where he bashes the president for his Stalinist tactics against the press…

From Washington Times:

President Trump is employing techniques “popularized by Joseph Stalin” to demonize the press and his approach could do great harm to the nation in the long run, Sen. Jeff Flake said Sunday.

In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” the retiring Arizona Republican and outspoken critic of the president said he’s deeply troubled by how Mr. Trump attacks the media.

“You can talk about crowd size, and this is pretty innocuous if there’s a falsehood. But when you reflexively refer to the press as the ‘enemy of the people’ or ‘fake news,’ that has real damage,” Mr. Flake said. “It has real damage to our standing in the world. And I noted how bad it is for a president to take what was popularized by Joseph Stalin, the ‘enemy of the people,’ to refer to the press.”

NBC News has more:

WASHINGTON — Sen. Jeff Flake is planning to slam President Donald Trump‘s attacks on the press on the Senate floor this week in a speech that will compare the president’s use of the term “enemy of the people” to describe the media to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.


In the Senate speech, Flake plans to label Trump’s attacks on the press as “unprecedented” and “unwarranted.”

“2017 was a year which saw the truth — objective, empirical, evidence-based truth — more battered and abused than any other time in the history of our country, at the hands of the most powerful figure in our government,” Flake will say, according to the excerpts.

Flake still doesn’t get that Trump won because he calls the MSM out on their BS. If Trump doesn’t do it, nobody else will – at least not with as much gusto!

By the way, Jeff, Stalin was a mass murderer who killed millions.

What is wrong with this man?

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