Retiring RINO Jeff Flake’s DACA Bill Allows Illegals Access to Obamacare (Details)

Before leaving Congress in disgrace, retiring Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is attempting to push through a DACA bill that will allow illegals access to Obamacare.

Just swell.

From Washington Times:

Sen. Jeff Flake’s bill to enshrine the DACA program in law would also make the illegal immigrant “Dreamers” eligible for Obamacare — including perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars in annual taxpayer subsidies to buy health plans, Congressional scorekeepers said this week.

Mr. Flake, Arizona Republican, tried to power his bill through the Senate on Tuesday, but was blocked by another senator.

His bill would offer those who qualified for the original DACA program a new, three-year legal status, which would include permission to work in the country legally, in exchange for $7 billion — or about three year’s worth of funding — for President Trump’s planned border wall.

Flake says Trump will face a challenger from his own party in 2020, per The Hill:

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said Friday he wouldn’t rule out a 2020 challenge to President Trump while predicting that the president “will have a challenge” from someone in the Republican Party.

Flake, an outspoken critic of Trump who is not running for reelection to the Senate, told CNN’s David Axelrod in an interview that while he is not “planning” to run as an independent, he “wouldn’t swear it off.”

“I do think the president will have a challenge from the Republican Party, I think there should be,” Flake said. “I also think that there will be an independent challenge, particularly if the Democrats insist on putting somebody up from the far left of the party.”

It’s as if liberal Republicans think helping the left will make them more likable to the uninformed. That’s not how this works, Jeff.

Flake duped his constituents for far too long.


H/T: Right Scoop

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