Robert De Niro Heads to Middle East to Rip ‘Dangerous’ Trump & ‘Backwards’ America

Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro has been one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal celebrity critics.

While speaking in the Middle East, De Niro slammed 45, claiming ‘backwards’ America is suffering from ‘temporary insanity’ under a ‘dangerous leader.’

From The Hill:

Actor Robert De Niro said the U.S. was suffering from “temporary insanity” on climate change, adding the country would eventually be cured when it votes out its “dangerous leader.”

Speaking to an audience in the Middle East, De Niro said he was coming from a “backward” country, according to The Associated Press.

He cited comments from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt that cast doubt on whether global warming is harmful to humans.

Fox News has more:

De Niro, who called Trump a “f—ing fool” and other expletive-laced adjectives during a speech introducing Meryl Streep at the National Board of Review awards gala in January, drew applause and laughs when he told the gathered audience at Dubai’s World Government Summit that America “will eventually cure itself by voting our dangerous leader” out of office.

Since being installed by Trump to lead the EPA, Pruitt has overseen the repeal or delay of dozens of environmental rules, including the Obama administration’s clean power plan, which sought to curb greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants.

“There was a declared war on coal, a war on fossil fuels,” Pruitt said in his Nevada interview. “The EPA was weaponized against certain sectors of our economy and that’s not the role of a regulator. Renewables need to be part of our energy mix, but to think that will be the dominant fuel is simply fanciful.”

De Niro must be pretty upset he hasn’t had a hit film in a number of years.

For him to lash out like this at Trump – overseas no less – proves he is as anti-American as a lefty gets!

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