Rush Limbaugh Says What Nobody Else Dared, ‘Terrorists Come Straight From the American Left’

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh often finds himself in trouble with progressives for stating the truth. This latest example is Rush unfiltered. Not only did he say Democrats recently won Virginia thanks to illegals and Muslims, but that terrorists ‘sometimes, come straight from the American left.’

From The Hill:

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his show Tuesday that some terrorists come “straight from the American left” and the Democratic Party.

“Terrorists do not always just come from Uzbekistan,” Limbaugh said in reference to the suspect in the recent New York City terror attack, who is an Uzbek native.

“They don’t just come from Afghanistan. They don’t just come from al Qaeda. Sometimes, terrorists come straight from the Democrat Party, straight from the American left.”

He added: “The vile, repulsive, just raw rage and anger that is on display daily on social media is infectious.”

When you’re right, you’re right. And Rush isn’t wrong.

H/T: Right Scoop

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