School Sends Teen to ‘The Cubicle’ Because of His Pro-Gun T-Shirts [DETAILS]

A kid can’t even wear pro-gun t-shirts to school these days without getting into trouble.

Just ask this one high school student. His story is nuts!

From Conservative Tribune:

The school sent him to “the cubicle.” Now, he’s taking the principal to court.

A Wisconsin teenager exercising his First Amendment right to support Second Amendment freedoms found himself in a boatload of trouble earlier this month with a school principal who didn’t appreciate the boy’s T-shirt.

In an era when public schools are openly supporting students who walk out of classes to protest what the Constitution protects, it seems some rights are more equal than others.

More from Journal-Sentinel:

The suit, filed Monday in Milwaukee, names principal John Koopman as the sole defendant. It claims Koopman violated Schoenecker’s freedom of expression by restricting him from wearing shirts that depict guns and other weapons in “a non-violent, non-threatening manner.”

The suit also contends that Koopman’s personal, case-by-case determination of which shirts are “inappropriate” violates Schoenecker’s rights to due process.

Two particular shirts crossed the line for Koopman. One reads “Celebrate Diversity,” and depicts a variety of firearms. Another says LOVE, but the letters are formed by a handgun, a grenade, two knives and an assault-style rifle.

How crazy is that?

This kid shouldn’t have had to deal with this BS!

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