Senate Dropped $1.5 Million Taxpayer Dollars on Harassment Settlements Since ’98 [Details]

The Senate waited all the way until Christmas Day to reveal just how much taxpayer dollars have been doled out over harassment claims.

Check it…

From Daily Wire:

The United States Senate has paid out more than $1.5 million in “workplace harassment” settlements — including sexual harassment settlements — since 1998, according to a report released by the Senate Rules and Administration Committee over the holiday weekend.

The Senate had been reticent to release any actual figures on how much taxpayers have doled out over their members’ bad behavior, but the small regulations body chaired by Sen. Richard Shelby allowed the public to get a closer glimpse at Senate records while most of the country was busy celebrating Christmas.

Daily Caller has more:

The report distinguishes between claims made against member-led offices and “other Senate employing offices.” Individual Senate offices have paid out nearly $600,000 in discrimination and harassment settlements, while other Senate employers paid out over $850,000. Listed violations include sex, age, and race discrimination, as well as violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The largest settlements involved instances of race discrimination.

The report does not include information about the alleged offenders, victims, or relevant incidents. In releasing the data, the Committee noted the Senate does not keep records respecting individual settlements, and is therefore reliant on the OOC’s data.

“It should be noted that the Senate – unlike the House – does not have its own records of individual settlements and therefore cannot independently verify the accuracy of the data provided by the OOC,” the report reads.

In any other profession, these people would be canned ASAP. Not in politics, though.

There’s a reason Donald Trump is president today, and it’s because people liked that he wasn’t a politician.

They’ll feel the same way in 2020.

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