SEND PRAYERS: Popular Fox News Personality to Undergo Double Mastectomy (Details)

A popular Fox News personality is set to undergo a major surgery in order to prevent the possibility of future cancers.

We’re talking about Kayleigh McEnany undergoing a double mastectomy.

From Kayleigh McEnany herself, via Fox News:

For the last nine years, I’ve thought about the day of my preventative double mastectomy with dread, with fear, but mostly with hope – hope that I would muster just enough courage to make this day happen.

Well, the day of my mastectomy is finally approaching – May 1, 2018.

On Tuesday morning, I will be put to sleep and all of my breast tissue will be removed. When I wake up, I will see a new, different, irreversible version of myself.

That scares me.

Nevertheless, I know it is time for me to set aside my fears and conquer what has always seemed like my inevitable destiny: breast cancer.

More from Fox News Radio:

McEnany added, “I will bring my chances of breast cancer down to basically zero, which is a great feeling.”

Send your prayers Kayleigh’s way.

Sounds like she’ll be just fine, but elective surgery is still no joke!

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