Shaun White Drags American Flag on the Ground After Winning Gold Medal [PHOTO]

“Flying Tomato” Shaun White won his third Olympic Men’s Halfpipe gold medal on Tuesday. He crushed the competition.

After being handed the American flag, White didn’t seem to mind dragging Old Glory on the ground – even stepping on it!

From Daily Wire:

In his elation, White — who was literally jumping for joy, yelling and weeping over his hard-fought, record-setting win — was handed an American flag, which he draped over himself, accidentally allowed to drag on the ground, and at one point unwittingly stepped on.

Later on, White apologized for the accidental show of disrespect to the flag. “I remember being handed the flag but I was trying to put my gloves on and hold the flag and get board,” White told reporters. “Honestly, if there was anything, I definitely didn’t mean any disrespect. The flag that’s flying on my house right now is way up there. So sorry for that. But I’m definitely proud — very proud — to be a part of Team USA and being an American and to be representing for everyone back home.”

More from Fox News:

Observant Twitter users wasted little time to turn White from an Olympic hero to enemy of the state.

Ultimately, it doesn’t appear Shaun was disrespecting the U.S.

He was simply overcome with emotion and didn’t realize what he was doing.

Let’s hear your thoughts…

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