SHOCK: CNN Admits GOP Tax Bill Gives Working Families ‘Damn Good Money’ [Watch]

Say what?

CNN is siding with Congressional Republicans over Democrats? Can’t be!

Check out John King’s words…

From Daily Wire:

As Democrats try to create mass hysteria over the Republican tax reform bill, left-wing news organizations like CNN have admitted that the tax bill is going to give working families “damn good money.”


“Not one Democrat has voted for a bill that cuts taxes by $1.5 trillion,” King continued. “To Abby’s point, if you’re a working class family, a lot of people say, ‘Oh, it’s only $200, $300,’ but if you’re a working class family living paycheck to paycheck, $200-$300 is damn good money and you are grateful for it.”

More from Daily Caller:

“Are the Democrats taking a risk?” King wondered. “Especially those from trump states there’s 10 Democrats from Trump states, are they solid or this a bet in December 2017 that they can’t be sure holds up in November 2018?”

Approximately 80 percent of American taxpayers will see their taxes go down under the new legislation, according to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, a left-leaning think tank.

Hey, you have to give props where they’re due.

King understands the tax cut bill is good for the majority of Americans.

The question now is what will the rest of the MSM say once they start seeing more take home pay?

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