SNL Star Gets Tattoo of His ‘Hero’ Hillary Clinton, & It Looks Terrible (PHOTO)

Resident Saturday Night Live goofball Pete Davidson recently got inked with a tattoo of his ‘hero,’ Hillary Clinton. It looks as awful as it sounds…

From Right Scoop:

OH boy, SNL wunderkind Pete Davidson is going to regret this Christmas present he did for Hillary Clinton, the failed wannabe-president who screwed herself over with a private email server.

Davidson’s words: “Wanted to get @hillaryclinton a Christmas gift so I got a tattoo of my hero,” Davidson captioned the photo of the tattoo. “Thanks for being such a badass and one of the strongest people in the universe 💙Tatt by @jonmesa.”

More from US Magazine:

While the tattoo artist, Jon Mesa, confirms to Us Weekly that the tattoo is real, fans took to the comments to speculate whether or not the tattoo was legit. “Is that real,” one fan commented. “He’s being sarcastic you just can’t tell,” another user wrote.

“Yes, its real! Just did it last night at my shop No Idols Tattoo on Bowery and Grand! It’s a small one on his right leg,” Mesa told Us.


The Staten Island native openly supported Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, and took jabs at Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live last year.

Davidson suffers from mental health issues, via Entertainment Weekly:

Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson revealed Monday that he’s been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

The comic spoke frankly about his mental health history with Marc Maron on Maron’s WTF podcast, describing what led to the diagnosis after Davidson entered a rehabilitation program in December of last year. The SNL comedian explained that he initially thought his dramatic mood swings — often culminating in a “blind rage” — were the result of his regular marijuana use, since he had a “mental breakdown” after returning from rehab and resuming use of the drug. But he was provided additional medication at rehab for bipolar disorder, which Davidson was also taking upon his exit.

The diagnosis, Davidson said, came many months later. “I found out I have BPD, which is borderline personality disorder,” he revealed. “One of my psychiatrists [diagnosed me]. He was always saying before this big meltdown, ‘You’re probably bipolar or borderline, we’re just going to have to figure it out.’”

Davidson’s father, a firefighter, was killed on 9/11.

Having to deal with such a big loss at a young age definitely messed with Pete.

That tattoo, though? Honoring the most corrupt politician of the past few decades? ROUGH!

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