Socialist Actor Sean Penn Writes Novel Fantasizing About Assassinating Trump

Super far-left actor Sean Penn has been extremely vocal about his love for Venezuelan leaders. Things aren’t exactly going well in that country.

In a novel Penn recently wrote, the Academy Award-winner has his main character fantasize about killing the president.

In other words, Penn is taking direct aim at Donald Trump.

From Downtrend:

Like all Hollywood liberals douchebags, Sean Penn is no fan of Donald Trump. Recently the brooding actor/director called the President “the enemy of mankind…and every newborn child.” With this level of contempt for Trump it gets downright disturbing that Penn just wrote a novel in which he fantasizes about assassinating the president. Don’t worry, Penn is a liberal so this is not a threat, but rather a healthy expression of his 1st Amendment rights.

Last year Penn released an audio book called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” under the pseudonym “Pappy Pariah.” He liked it so much that he expanded it and is releasing in written form using his own name.

The basic deal is the main character, Bob Honey, is a dumb white blue collar guy who voted for a president named “Mr. Landlord” who is supposed to represent Donald Trump. Bob Honey is a septic tank cleaner and part-time assassin who feels betrayed by the Trump-esque Mr. Landlord’s broken promises. Honey ends up in a mental institution and writes a letter to the president, and this is where we see Sean Penn’s not-so-hidden desires.

Daily Mail has more:

The book’s main character, Bob Honey, is painted as a 55-year-old Southern Californian who gets angry at the news, despite not fully understanding it.

Baby Boomer Honey tells readers of his neighbor’s death by an out-of-control helicopter, his imaginary young girlfriend and a ‘yellow lives matter’ march – referring to Aryan blonds – at the Republican National Convention.

Throughout the novel, Honey is followed around by an investigative reporter, who he seems skeptical of.

Penn has taken his hate for Trump to a whole other level.

The man needs help.

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