Son of Bernie Sanders Running for Congress, Doesn’t Even LIVE in the District (Details)

The last thing America needs at the moment in a Bernie Sanders clone in Congress. One socialist is more than enough.

However, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ son, Levi Sanders, is set to run for office in a district in which he does not live.

How does that make sense?

From Daily Caller:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ son is officially running for Congress.

Levi Sanders is running for the open House seat in New Hampshire’s 1st District, even though he doesn’t even live in that district, WMUR9 reported Monday night.

“After much thought and consultation with my family, friends, and the people of New Hampshire, I am excited to announce today that I am running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District. This is a unique opportunity to listen to the hard working men and women of New Hampshire about the issues that matter to them,” Sanders said in a statement posted to his campaign website.

More from Washington Times:

The potential hopeful is 48 and considered to be a carpetbagger of sorts in the Granite State, as he lives in the 2nd District, not the 1st. Mr. Sanders said his campaign platform will be similar to his father’s and include Medicare for all and free college tuition, among other things.

“The basic difference is that I’m a vegetarian and he’s not,” the son said of his father.

Not good.

Let’s hope the people of New Hampshire do the right thing.

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