SOURCE: Libs Planning New ‘Civil War,’ Announce Plan to Crush Normal Americans

Democrats will stop at nothing when it comes to turning the United States into a progressive wasteland.

Now, they’re planning a new ‘Civil War’ and have announced their plans to destroy middle America.

From Conservative Tribune:

There is an article making the rounds on social media among liberals — shared by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as a “great read” — which asserts that California should be viewed as an example of the way forward in the “new civil war” in which America is currently embroiled.

Posted to Medium as part of a series lauding how wonderfully progressive California has become, the piece argued that bipartisanship simply won’t work any longer and that Republicans — especially of the conservative variety — must be voted out of political office and essentially exiled from the political realm for at least the next few generations.

In their view of this new civil war, they see similarities to certain points in America’s history in which two fundamentally different economic structures were at odds, as well as conflict between classes of wealthy and poor, but most especially a clash between two cultures and political ideologies: liberal versus conservative.

Townhall has more:

They want to silence you too, and every other patriot. But that’s a short-sighted tactic because people who are silenced, particularly uppity Americans who take their natural rights seriously, won’t just shrug and give up. They will stew and fume at the injustice of their oppression and then they will radicalize and then, because they have been wrongfully denied access to the means of participation in the governance of their own society, they will inevitably exercise their power in the only way left to them. They will rebel. They have before. Sometimes it’s peaceful – like by electing Donald Trump. But if peaceful doesn’t work, they are going to give not being peaceful a try. That’s just human nature.

This is where the liars pounce again with their fussy fauxtrage – leftists love violence directed at Normal Americans – but facts are facts. If the liberal plan to drive non-liberal Americans from the public square – the NRA, Laura Ingraham, and even Kevin Williamson silencing campaigns are just some recent examples – succeeds, it will only succeed for a little while. The fact is that if Normal people are barred from “legitimate” participation, they will participate “illegitimately.” Just ask the redcoats how taxation without representation worked out.

If it wasn’t yet clear, liberals hate their country.

It’s that simple.

The left loves them some government until the government shows up and infringes on their rights. Ironic, isn’t it?

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