SOURCE: Republicans Are Retiring For Fear Of Leftist Violence & Assassination

Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise was nearly killed in 2017 by a crazed Bernie Sanders-supporting radical.

Leftist violence seems to be getting worse and worse, with Republicans their number one target.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks says so many GOP Congressman and Senators are retiring after 2018 possibly due to potential assassination attempts.

From Roll Call:

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks suggested in a radio interview that Republicans are retiring en masse because of assassination fears.


“One of the things that’s concerning me is the assassination risk may become a factor,” he said.


Brooks also pointed to the fact that in the past month, a man pled guilty to threatening Arizona Rep. Martha McSally and three different people have been arrested for threatening Reps. Scott Taylor and Tom Garrett of Virginia and Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey.

More from Daily Wire:

Although the suggestion sounds extreme, Brooks pointed out that at least three members of Congress have had to call in law enforcement over threats made against them and their families in the last several months. He noted that none of the expected retirees would dare say violence is among the reasons they’re leaving office, but that the rise in violent rhetoric is hard to miss, especially coming from what Brooks refers to as the “Bernie Sanders wing” of the Democratic party.

It has been nearly a year since Rep. Steve Scalise was left fighting for his life, and several Capitol Police officers were injured after a gunman, motivated by his hatred for Republicans and, in particular, President Donald Trump, targeted congressmen playing a pickup game of baseball in a field near Reagan National Airport. Brooks helped tend to the injured Scalise while the group waited for emergency medical care to arrive.

SCARY! But, what can we expect when the left calls for resistance against President Trump and anyone who sides with him?

Democrats have always been the party of violence, going back to the days of slavery. If you don’t agree with them, you’re the enemy.

Liberalism is a mental disease.

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