Stanford Dean Caught on Film Engineering Disruption of Conservative Speaker’s Event [Video]

Richard Spencer has written a number of books telling the truth about Islam. While giving a speech at Stanford University, he was shut down and the protest was cheered by the school’s dean. What a shame.

From Truth Revolt:

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is Confessions of an Islamophobe. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


In the days before I arrived on campus, the student-run Stanford Daily and Stanford Review published article after article denouncing me in the most lurid terms. It was claimed that I “give license” to the “oppression” of Jews, and that Muslims at Stanford were endangered by my work. It was charged that I have incited a mass murderer and approved of restricting the right to vote. My work was characterized, without any specific examples, of being not only inaccurate, but also inflammatory, offensive, hateful, and dishonest.

But that was nothing compared to what Stanford administrators had ready for the event itself. Nanci Howe, Associate Dean and Director of Student Activities and Leadership, and Snehal Naik, Assistant Dean and Associate Director of Student Activities and Leadership, made sure that the hall was packed with students who had no intention of attending the lecture, but were there only to sabotage it by denying seats to people who actually wanted to attend. They even kept out some members of the College Republicans, the group that was sponsoring the event.

The fascist students stood up and walked out after just a few minutes of hearing me. Then, after the walkout, Howe and Naik refused to allow in people who actually wanted to attend, refusing repeated requests to do so.

More, via Front Page Mag:

I had no contact with Howe. Naik greeted me with great warmth and affability, and actually said, “We’re glad you’re here.” Oleaginous insincerity oozed from his every pore. Belying his unctuous demeanor, he was so unyielding that at the end of the event, when College Republicans (who have been bullied and victimized by Stanford administrators all through this process, and egregiously and repeatedly smeared in the Stanford Daily and other student publications) asked him if some of the members who had not been allowed in could now come in for a group photo, he refused to allow even that.

At that point, I asked him if he had always been a fascist, or had become one recently. He looked embarrassed. He should be embarrassed.

Higher education, huh? Unreal.

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