Student Gun Control Activist REJECTED From Multiple Colleges, Libs Not Happy

It wouldn’t be right to make fun of a kid for getting rejected from college. In fact, it would be 100% wrong.

In David Hogg’s case, one of the survivor’s of the Florida-school-shooting-turned-gun-control-activist who bragged about hanging up on the White House, it almost feels as if liberals believe he should’ve been accepted to colleges because of his anti-Second Amendment views.

From Downtrend:

In recent years college college acceptance rates have dropped to as low as 4.65 percent. This means the average aspiring university student will likely be rejected a multitude of times before finally being accepted.

No biggie, right? Eh, not unless you happen to be the left’s latest boy wonder, Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting survivor turned gun control zealot David Hogg. He’s apparently entitled to attend any college he desires, according to his left-wing groupies.

Flash back to last Thursday, when the kid announced that yet “another college” had just rejected him:


From Victory Girls Blog:

From the moment the bodies were carried away from the scene of the carnage, Hogg has stood in the blood of his classmates and used their tragedy to gain attention for himself. There were television appearances, there were rallies and protests, and there were speaking engagements. And every time, Hogg demonstrated his lack of knowledge and understanding about the fundamental issues he thought himself qualified to discuss.

He and his pals claimed moral authority, publicly proclaimed themselves to be the “experts” on firearm policy because they hid in a closet while a madman murdered their classmates. They consistently seek out national attention, thinking that their tragedy will shield them from criticism and that their admittedly heartbreaking experience will give them credibility and allow them to take what others have worked their asses off to achieve.

Come to your own conclusions.

Regardless, gun control in never the answer for stopping mass shootings.

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