Stunning Audit Finds Obama Administration Miscalculated $500 Billion [Details]

Divider-in-chief Barack Obama’s administration will easily go down as the least transparent in American history – without question.

The latest example of malfeasance shows Obama’s HUD dept. miscalculating $500 billion!

How in the world!?

From Conservative Fighters:

Do you remember one of the biggest affairs with the bankruptcy related to the infamous Enron Corporation?

Well, back in 2001, it was the one affair, where an energy company from Texas, suffered a loss of about $63 billion, once investigators found that Enron officials and auditors at the Arthur Anderson accounting firm purposely and unethically abused legal loopholes to try and sneak out billions of dollars that were otherwise lost in bad deals and brought the company a massive debt.

In the end, a couple of people ended up behind bars, and the media didn’t lift a finger to report this ever happening.

Then, in 2017, after a report from the Office of Inspector General regarding the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development broke, the media remained silent once again.

In the report, it was said that an audit of HUD‘s 2015 and 2016 financial records was manipulated and contained “pervasive material errors” which indicated an illegal activity. The error amounted to a total of $520 billion.

Recently, 44 sat down with Britain’s Prince Harry where he proceeded to jab 45 for his tweeting.

From Fox News:

On Sunday December 17, Prince Harry invited former President Barack Obama to be interviewed for BBC Radio 4 as part of his guest editorship. While the bulk of the interview involved talk of world leadership roles in the modern age of digital technology, mention of the royal wedding guest list did come up.

From Daily Wire:

The ex-president also appeared to lodge a veiled attack against Mr Trump during the interview as he warned against ‘irresponsible’ use of social media to spread misinformation.”

Asked about fake news, Mr Obama said those in power should take caution when posting messages which could distort people’s understanding of issues and current affairs.

He did not mention Mr Trump, who is a keen Twitter user, by name.




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