Super Bowl Ratings Are In – Plunge to Lowest Level In EIGHT YEARS (Details)

Ratings for Super Bowl 52 between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles were the lowest in the past eight years.

Way to go, Colin Kaepernick and anthem kneelers everywhere!

From Fox News:

The final ratings for Super Bowl 52 show the 2018 game garnered a little more than one hundred million viewers, making it the least-watched Super Bowl broadcast in eight years.

NBC released the final numbers on Monday afternoon, stating 106 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl across all platforms.

“The game (6:31-10:25 p.m. ET) averaged 103.4 million viewers on NBC…” the network stated, adding 2 million users tuned in via NBC Sports Digital. Those numbers put the game behind the next-lowest game in recent Super Bowl history, 2010’s which saw 106.5 million viewers.

The numbers are far behind the 2017 game, which drew 111.3 million eyeballs to the screen.

Downtrend has more:

So much for Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners’ hopes that once $89 million in “hush money” was paid out to black organizations for social justice training that the protests would stop and that fans who were alienated would forgive and forget.

They didn’t.

Now that the season of hell has finally ended the bigwigs will have plenty of time to reflect on how they trashed a once indestructible brand and in the process, killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

It would be tough to imagine players kneeling for the anthem next season.

Then again, you just never know, considering Commissioner Goodell has been so weak on the issue.

Stay tuned…

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