‘The View’ Unhinged – Claims White House Dr Surely Lied About Trump’s Health (Details)

Ronny Jackson was Barack Obama’s doctor before he was President Trump’s.

He served as George W. Bush’s physician during his time as president, also.

After giving 45 a clean bill of health, the left has decided to condemn Jackson as a liar. Here’s what the far left hosts of “The View” have to say…

From Truth Revolt:

Alicia Menendez, editor of the online feminist zine Bustle and co-host for the day, explained the foundation of the girther argument: there is a one-inch difference between President Trump’s height as listed on his drivers license and the measurement provided by his medical report; that extra inch puts him dangerously close to obese, according to the BMI scale. Therefore, evil is afoot.

Given that this line of thinking is insane, co-host and lone conservative Meghan McCain pointed out its absurdity:

“This conversation in general is what makes conservatives crazy. Him passing his physical exam and passing his cognitive exam by a doctor who also treated President Bush and President Obama is not a reason to have a meltdown.”

Wacky left-winger Joy Behar initially agreed with McCain, but she took a turn toward the other side when offered “proof” of shady doctor business: previously, supposedly, Physician to the President Navy Rear Admiral Ronnie Jackson had spelled his name with a “y.” On Trump’s report, “ie” was used.

Whoopi Goldberg said: “The question is, how do you misspell your own name?…He misspelled his own name!”

Goldberg went on: “The bottom line is this report was never going to be anything but what it is.”

And on: “Yeah a lot of them are lies but it was never going to change.”

Politico has more:

A White House physician declared Tuesday that President Donald Trump is in “excellent” overall health and that he performed “well” on a cognitive screening exam, while noting the commander in chief could benefit from a low-fat diet and additional exercise.

“All clinical data indicates that the president is currently very healthy and that he will remain so for the duration of his presidency,” Dr. Ronny Jackson said at the daily White House news briefing during a nearly hourlong question-and-answer period with reporters.

Jackson added that during the physical on Friday at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he performed some cognitive testing at the president’s behest and that Trump “did well on it.” He noted the exam was limited to a screening for cognitive impairment and was not part of a larger psychological examination.

Trump, according to Jackson, is 6-foot-3, 239 pounds. The doctor said that he and Trump discussed losing weight and exercising, which he recommended, and that the president expressed “he would like to lose 10 to 15 pounds.”

Sheesh! The Trump derangement syndrome is strong with Whoopi and Joy Behar.

This is what happens when liberals are ignorant of the facts.

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