There It Is! Michelle Obama Just Admitted She Considers the TRUTH to be ‘Nonsense’ [Video]

When Michelle Obama opens her mouth, which is often, something foolish is more than likely to follow. This case is no different. When it comes to President Trump speaking the truth to Americans, Michelle believes that is ‘nonsense.’

From Downtrend:

Despite a friendly liberal media propaganda campaign, Barack Obama will be remembered as the biggest liar to ever inhabit the White House. His wife Michelle wasn’t much better, often making up stories about racism and how her privileged upbringing was really one of oppression and sexism. It’s no surprise that Michelle is no fan of the truth, but what is kind of startling is that she said out loud that she thinks it’s “nonsense.”

The Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago this week has been seemingly pointless, but has produced a few gems. Earlier, Barack Freudian-slipped a joke about how he was really born in Kenya and then Michelle showed her utter disdain for the truth.

Michelle was presumably talking about President Trump when this thing actually came out of her mouth:

“This whole ‘tell it like it is’ business, that’s nonsense,” said Michelle.

What? She considers telling it like it is to be nonsense? Telling it like it is is synonymous with telling the truth. It’s not a stretch to say that the former first lady just said that the truth is nonsense. Wow, just wow.

There can’t even be an argument that she didn’t mean what she said because later, she made this statement:

“At this level you see how much words matter, but the truth of how words matter is true for each and every one of us,” said Michelle.

Just go away already!

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