Trey Gowdy Goes on Fox News, Drops a Bomb About Law Preventing Next Mass Killing [VIDEO]

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News Thursday morning.

Following the Florida high school shooting which left 17 people dead, Gowdy had a strong message for the left and all gun control proponents.


From Daily Caller:

“I don’t know anyone who would not pass a law today to prevent the next mass shooting, but to Sen. Rubio’s point, you gotta find out how he accessed the gun, we have to find out whether there was a data point in his background where someone could have reported it, whether or not he accessed the gun legally or illegally,” Gowdy explained.

“Usually at about this time, we hear about the gun show loophole, fine, close the gun show loophole, but how many mass killings have resulted from guns purchased at gun shows?” Gowdy said, questioning if proposed gun control laws would even prevent a shooting.

“If you can show me a law that will prevent the next mass killing, go ahead and sign me up for it,” he concluded.

The FBI was warned about Nikolas de Jesus Cruz in September 2017, Daily Wire:

According to a new report, the FBI was warned last September about a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz who wrote in response to a video by a vlogger that he was “going to be a professional school shooter.”

On Wednesday, police arrested Nikolas Cruz, 19, on the suspicion of opening fire at his former high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in south Florida. At least 17 people, including both students and faculty, are dead as a result of the massacre.

On Thursday, BuzzFeed reported that the FBI had been warned about someone of the same name in late September 2017. BuzzFeed spoke with the YouTube vlogger, Ben Bennight, 36, who said that he noticed an alarming response to one of his videos posted and immediately contacted the FBI.

Gowdy is set to retire from Congress after this coming term.

He will be missed!

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