Trump Brilliantly Blasts CNN: ‘You Should’ve Been Apologizing for Last Two Yrs’ (Video)

President Donald Trump and CNN go together like cats and dogs – not well at all. You can’t blame Trump, though – CNN has had it out for him for years. While at a speech in Pensacola, Florida, 45 ripped CNN a new one.

From The Hill:

President Trump blasted CNN during a campaign rally Friday night, seizing on news of the network issuing a correction for one of its reports related to the Russia probe earlier in the day.

“Oh thank you, CNN, thank you so much,” Trump said during a rally in Pensacola, Fla., touting accomplishments during his tenure and blasting media outlets.

“You should have been apologizing for the last two years,” Trump added to cheers.

The original CNN report said Trump’s eldest son had received an email on Sept. 4, before WikiLeaks had made the documents public. But other media outlets reported that Trump Jr. and other campaign officials had received the email pointing them to the WikiLeaks documents on Sept. 14, after the documents had already been made public.

More from the rally, per Fox News Insider:

Trump said he hopes that Republicans in the House and Senate can come to an agreement on the tax reform bill shortly.

“You’re going to be paying a lot less tax. So congratulations,” Trump said, adding, “I hope. They gotta vote, and I think they will.”

Trump for the win?

All day!

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