Trump Did It! Tax Cuts Will Generate 3-4% Growth ‘As Far As the Eye Can See’

Economist Larry Kudlow just made it clear: The recently-passed GOP tax-cut bill will translate into 3-4% growth. President Trump is making America great again!

From Newsmax:

Republican tax reform will translate into between 3 and 4 preen economic growth “for as far as the eye can see,” economist Larry Kudlow says.

In an interview aired Sunday with radio host John Catsimatidis on AM 970’s “Cats Roundtable,” Kudlow, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, declared new legislation from both the Senate and House that’s set to be hammered out in conference committee “is going to make all the difference in the world.”

More from Breitbart:

“[T]his tax cut bill is really proof positive,” he told host John Catsimatidis. “Trump believes in rewarding success, not punishing it. And Trump believes also that we should not punish investment.

Kudlow continued, “Foreign investment is going to start flowing back to the United States the way it did in the 1980s and the 1990s because our environment is going to be so hospitable. American companies offshore are going to come back [and] they’re going to bring their cash home.”

Trump has already accomplished more in less than one year than Barack Obama accomplished in eight. That’s why he won. People believed in his message. Now, it’s paying off. MAGA!

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