Trump Gets Standing O After Governor Reveals What He Did for Fast Food Workers [VIDEO]

President Trump won the election in 2016 because he showed he cared about the American people. The same could not be said about Hillary Clinton.

Check out the standing ovation Trump received after the governor of West Virginia reveals what the president did for fast food workers…

From Conservative Tribune:

President Donald Trump’s deviation from his prepared remarks to give a controversial speech about illegal immigration may have been the big story from West Virginia on Thursday.

However, one of the biggest applause lines didn’t come after the president’s comments about illegal immigration or on tax reform, which was his intended topic.

Instead, it came after West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice talked about what the president had done for the “Hardee’s ladies.”

IJR has more:

“The last time he was here, I was in the limo with him, and I said, ‘Mr. President, the ladies down at Hardee’s this morning, when I was going through, were out of their minds,’” Justice recalled. “They said, ‘Can you please tell him we said hi and we love him and everything else?’”

In true Trump fashion, the governor said Trump interrupted to question his taste in fast food joints, informing Justice he prefers McDonald’s to Hardee’s. But the story continued:

“Then I asked him if he could sign something and give to those ladies. He looked all through the limo, and finally, he pulled out his speech, and he said, he wrote, ‘Hardee’s gals, take care of big Jim, a great guy and great friend — Donald J. Trump.’”

Well done, Mr. President.

Keep the hits coming!

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