Trump Just Eliminated ‘Climate Change’ as Nat’l Security Threat, Obama Hardest Hit

Former President Barack Obama once called “climate change” the gravest threat facing the world.

He was lying, as per usual.

Now, the Trump administration has removed “climate change” from a list of national security threats.

From Breitbart:

Fulfilling yet another campaign promise, the Trump administration has eliminated “climate change” from its list of national security threats, preferring instead to “embrace energy dominance.”

The national security strategy (NSS) released on Monday stressed the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection while rejoicing in America’s energy independence as an achievement to be proud of.

“Climate policies will continue to shape the global energy system,” the national security strategy states. “U.S. leadership is indispensable to countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests. Given future global energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels, as well as other forms of energy, to power their economies and lift their people out of poverty.”

During his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump mocked President Obama’s consideration of climate change as a threat to national security. In his campaign speech in Hilton Head, South Carolina, for example, Trump sought to contextualize “climate change” among the many real threats faced by the American people.

“So Obama’s always talking about the global warming, that global warming is our biggest and most dangerous problem,” Trump said. “I mean, even if you’re a believer in global warming, ISIS is a big problem, Russia’s a problem, China’s a problem. We’ve got a lot of problems. By the way, the maniac in North Korea is a problem. He actually has nuclear weapons, right? That’s a problem.”

More per Federalist:

The draft of the National Security Strategy makes this approach policy, emphasizing national security and economic growth over climate change.

President Obama made climate change, and the burdensome regulations that accompany its focus, a primary focus of his administration, including in his National Security Strategy released in 2015. “[W]e are working toward an ambitious new global climate change agreement to shape standards for prevention, preparedness, and response over the next decade,” that report said.

“In some ways, [climate change] is akin to the problem of terrorism and ISIL,” Obama said at climate talks in Paris in 2015. During a weekly address, Obama said “Today, there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change.”

In September 2016, President Obama released a memorandum requiring federal agencies to consider the effects of climate change in the development of national security-related doctrine, policies, and plans. All of this alarmed critics concerned with more pressing security risks.

And boom goes the dynamite.

President Trump continues to make the right moves, political correctness be darned.

Trump 2020 looks better and better by the day!

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