Trump Lays Down the Law, Says U.S. Doesn’t Listen to Other Countries on Immigration [WATCH]

Donald Trump is president today because he promised to be strong on border security – amongst numerous other reasons. At a Pensacola, Florida rally recently 45 said America will not listen to other nations when it comes to immigration.

From Fox News:

President Trump held a rally at the Pensacola Bay Center in Pensacola, Fla. Friday night.

More from The Hill:

President Trump bucked foreign criticism of his immigration policy on Friday, saying the U.S. does not listen to other countries on the subject.

“We don’t listen to other countries telling us how we should be running our immigration,” the president said during a campaign rally in Pensacola, Fla.

The president went on to tout border security under his administration.

“We want the strongest borders you’ve ever seen. We’re gonna have such borders. We’ll have borders on top of borders,” he said to applause.

“One by one we are finding the illegal alien drug dealers, the gang members, the thieves, the criminals, and the killers preying on our children, preying on everybody, and we are throwing them the hell out of our country or we are putting them in prison,” he continued.

Good for Trump!

Having a strong leader back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is paramount.

Good riddance, Obama. Good riddance liberal policies!

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