Trump Removes Obama’s Drag Queen from WH Tree, Puts Christ Back in Christmas

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are making America great again one day at a time. Today, they’ve put Christ back in Christmas by removing ornaments from the White House tree featuring Mao Zedong and a drag queen.

From America News Hub:

The Obamas had some very un-Christmas like things on the tree, including an ornament featuring Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong who killed millions of people.

More from Fox News, circa 2009 (Obama’s first year in office), highlighting the ornaments used by the Obamas – including Mao and a drag queen:

Mao Zedong is in the White House, hanging out with a drag queen. Not far away, Barack Obama is making a play to have his head etched in stone.

Critics of President Obama are setting their sights this week on the official White House Christmas tree, which features controversial ornaments including an orb depicting the late Chinese dictator, another that shows drag queen Hedda Lettuce, and yet another that shows a picture of Mount Rushmore — with Obama’s head pasted to the side of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt’s.

God rest ye, merry gentlemen.

More per Life Site News:

It’s also customary for a giant gingerbread version of the White House to be created and displayed. This year’s version seems to make an appearance in the First Lady’s promotional video. It is largely white with red wreaths in the windows. Later in the video, the actual White House is shown to have very similar decorations.

Trump’s first official Christmas card hasn’t been released yet. The Obamas’ Christmas cards over the years referred to the “holidays.”

Gawker has pictures of the drag queen ornament, Mao, and Obama’s face on Mt. Rushmore:

Mao in the White House? Shameful.

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