Trump Trolls Obama Hard – We Didn’t Pay for Release of North Korean Hostages (VIDEO)

Barack Obama’s administration sent $1.7 billion in cash to Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terror, as part of the nuclear agreement – while receiving nothing in exchange. President Trump just pulled the U.S. out of the Iran deal.

Obama’s team did nothing for eight years when it came to North Korea, allowing them to continue to be a menace to the world. Trump will not only meet with dictator Kim Jong-un in June, but he negotiated the release of three American hostages.

During a rally in Indiana on Thursday night, 45 epically mocked 44 about paying for hostages. ENJOY…

From The Hill:

President Trump on Thursday evening touted the release of three Americans prisoners from North Korea who arrived home this week, noting that the U.S. did not pay for their release.

“[North Korean leader] Kim Jong Un did a great service to himself and to his country by doing this. But those hostages came out, with respect, we didn’t pay for them,” Trump said during a rally in Elkhart, Ind.

“What he did was the right thing, but they came out for nothing and the others came out for $1.8 billion in cash,” Trump added.

Fox News has more:

“The Iran deal was one of the most embarrassing agreements the United States has ever entered into,” said Trump, who added that the U.S. “cannot allow [Iran] to have nuclear weapons.”

“We have to be able to go into their military bases to see whether or not they’re cheating,” he said before adding sarcastically, “Now, of course we’re all sure they’re not cheating, but just in case.”

The president also said that the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea is “good” and praised Kim for agreeing to the release of three American detainees, whom Trump greeted at Andrews Air Force Base early Thursday, as a prelude to the summit.

Barack must feel like the biggest joke in American history at this point.

Sure, Obama was popular with celebrities. But is that something to brag about, considering most celebs can’t hold a rational conversation about politics for longer than three minutes?

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