UH OH: Liberals Now In Favor of Lowering the Voting Age to 16 (Details)

Lefties are now in favor of lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 in light of the Florida school shooting which has allowed so many kids to become activists.

Check this out…

From Downtrend:

Go home liberals, you’re drunk. Following the school shooting in Florida, there have been many pieces of insanity to spew forth from the liberal hive-mind including raising the age for buying a long gun to 21. Now, they want to go the other way with voting to lower the voting age to 16. Whatever problems we have in this country aren’t because of a lack of laws or age of consent: they are because some people refuse to follow the law and that includes mass shooters.

Far-left law professor Lawrence Tribe:

A former speechwriter for Barack Obama:

Obama’s thoughts on the student-activists:


Lowering the voting age has the potential to increase turnout significantly. One of the biggest predictors of whether someone will vote is if they voted previously. Yet turning 18 is a tough time to expect young people to start the habit of voting. They are usually leaving home for school or the workforce, and they must navigate the hurdles of registering and requesting an absentee ballot if they are not at home. By contrast, more youth are likely to vote if they start the habit earlier, when they are in the supportive environment of school and home, especially if we also improve civics education. They will then continue that habit later in life.

The left wants to lower the voting age because they know the majority of young people are uninformed and will vote Democrat.

That’s the bottom line.

It’s a political play, nothing more.

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