Unhinged Democrat Says Trump Plotting Elimination of All Govt. – Except Presidency

Another day, another unhinged Democrat.

Check out California Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s thoughts on President Trump shutting down all branches of government – except for the presidency…

From Washington Examiner:

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., said she is worried that President Trump is attempting to “shut down” all vestiges of the federal government other than the presidency, effectively paving the way for a dictatorship.

The congresswoman pointed to Trump’s recent attacks against the Justice Department and FBI as evidence.

Over the past few days Trump also tore into the FBI’s longtime general counsel James Baker, who has reportedly been reassigned as his potential role in leaking the infamous Trump dossier has come under scrutiny, and the FBI’s controversial second-in-command, Andrew McCabe.

When asked about these smears Speier said in a separate interview with CNN that Trump “does not respect the rule of law,” and warned that he does not respect “the various agencies that are charged with responsibility of protecting us.”

More from Downtrend:

It’s no mere coincidence that many of President Donald Trump’s most strident adversaries hail from California. Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the vote from America’s largest colony of moral reprobates and filthy degenerates and they’re not going down without a fight.

At times it even seems like the Golden State’s contingent of lawmakers in Congress are at the tip of the spear of most of the serious efforts to delegitimize Trump and drive him from office.

Just what exactly is Speier implying? Trump wants to be king or something?

Wasn’t it Barack Obama who often acted without Congress? Or who tried to bypass the court system?

Get the facts straight, Jackie!

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