VIDEO: Chicago Students Vandalize Walmart on Nat’l Gun Walkout Day

National Gun Walkout day was nothing more than an excuse for liberal teachers to use their students as pawns in an attempt to convince lawmakers that the majority of Americans want gun control.

They don’t!

Some Chicago students thoughts it would be a good idea to use the time off from school to trash a local Walmart.

From Downtrend:

The wanton disregard for school discipline by the left and the orchestrated national school walkouts on Wednesday is not only disrespectful for the rules but also encouraging misbehavior from some who are taking the wrong lesson away from the protests.

First and foremost, the protests were a sham. The exact same organizations including the anti-Semites behind the Women’s March were working hand in hand with Democrats and anti-Second Amendment groups to make a political statement in advance of the midterm elections.

More from Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, Chicago police say that dozens of students from Simeon Career Academy vandalized and stole from a Walmart while they were supposed to be out protesting gun violence.

Employees and shoppers were stunned by the out of control students and the amount of destruction that they caused at the Walmart located on the South Side of Chicago.

How despicable!

This is what happens when liberals allow children to take control.

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