VIDEO: Hillary Slips Down The Stairs TWICE While Bashing Trump & America Overseas

Hillary Clinton has had an extraordinary career in politics despite showing time and again how much she loathes the American people.

While bashing President Trump and America overseas in India, super-healthy Hillary nearly slipped down a flight of stairs – twice!


From Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton reportedly tripped down a flight of stairs twice in India Monday, requiring the help of two aides to make it down , according to a video obtained by the American Mirror.

Clinton is in the country to participate in the India Today Conclave, where she claimed President Donald Trump only won the election because he go the support of people she famously called “deplorables.”

Clinton was attempting to walk down a flight of stairs without a railing when she nearly went down, twice.

More from Townhall, on Clinton in India:

During an event in Mumbai, India with Bollywood stars, Hillary Clinton was reportedly introduced as the “woman who should have been the president of the United States of America” and she told those gathered that America “did not deserve” President Trump.

She was asked if America deserved Trump after the event’s host remarked “it’s commonly said that countries deserve the governments they get.”

“Well, I would have to say no, we did not deserve that,” Clinton replied.

Washington Times has more:

“His whole campaign: ‘Make America Great Again’ was looking backwards,” she told attendees at India Today: Conclave 2018. “You know, ‘You didn’t like black people getting rights? You don’t like women, you know, getting jobs? You don’t want to, you know, see that Indian American succeeding more than you are? Whatever your problem is — I’m going to solve it.”

The remarks were posted online by the GOP War Room YouTube channel and blasted as “dismissing America’s Heartland to a foreign audience.”

Where does this corrupt, two-time presidential loser find the marbles to say the things she says?

Just go away with dignity, already!

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