WATCH: Sanctuary County Formed In Illinois – To PROTECT Gun Owners [Details]

When the term “sanctuary” is used these days, it’s usually a bad thing – to protect illegal aliens.

Not this time.

An Illinois county has just formed a “sanctuary” for gun owners!

From Daily Caller:

An Illinois county recently declared sanctuary status — for gun owners. This is brilliant!

The Effingham County (Illinois) Board passed a resolution this week protecting their county from any laws from the state’s capital that might abridge the Second Amendment.

Leftists and snarky, coffee cup liberal reporters who have probably never shot a gun are melting over the idea. They’re also insulting Americans who support it. Apparently those in favor of Second Amendment sanctuaries are off the rails.

More from The Hill:

Sheriff Dave Mahon said that if a law passed by state legislators was viewed as potentially unconstitutional, he would consult with the state’s attorney and the legal counsel of the Illinois Sheriff’s Association before deciding what to do.

The resolution targeted a number of bills active in the General Assembly.

One such bill was vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner (R). It would have required additional registration for gun shops.

Nice move by Effingham County.

It’s sad that things have come to this, but liberals have made life nearly impossible for the law-abiding.

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